Release Date: 2021-10-19
Source: UPRISE 3D

As a bright pearl in the crown of industry, the field of aerospace manufacturing integrates a country's numerous advanced technologies, which is the back-up security area for the implementation of the national strategic plan and the presentation of the political situation. As an emerging manufacturing technology, 3D printing technology has outstanding application advantages and obvious service benefits in the field of aerospace.

UPRISE 3D printing special ceramic materials are widely used in these aerospace equipments, involving helicopter bulletproof armor ceramics, aircraft brake disc materials, ceramic antenna cover materials, etc, special ceramics are widely used in this field by virtue of their unique advantages. With the continuous development of the aerospace industry, special ceramics products will enter this field more in the future.

The application research of special ceramics in aerospace mainly focuses on heat-resistant materials of rocket nozzle, thermal insulation tiles of spaceship, composite engineering ceramics materials, etc, especially for the research and development of ceramic fiber with light weight, heat resistance, ablation resistance, high melting point and high strength, many key parts of helicopters now begin to adopt ceramic composite light armor material.