Debinder for 3D Printing

The green parts printed by stainless steel filaments are usually debinded by oxalic acid debinder. The function of debinder is to remove most of the binder polymers from as-printed green part.

  • Product description

The green parts printed by stainless steel filaments are usually debinded by oxalic acid debinder. The function of debinder is to remove most of the binder polymers from as-printed green part. The debinding process is relatively simple by immersing green parts into a proper debinding fluid for a certain period of time. Debinding equipment includes water debinding, solvent debinding and catalytic debinding. Typically, our debinder is designed to be more environmental friendly and much safer by using mild oxalic acid rather than nitric acid. Also, our debinder is available for batch processing and simply operation. Once the binder polymers has been removed, the part is referred to as brown part and is ready to be densified into a fully metallic part via sintering.

  • Product Features

(1)Efficient size: 220×220×340 mm

(2)Oxalic acid debinding

(3)9 plates of size 210*310*2mm with a spacing of 22.5mm between them

(4)Nitrogen atmosphere

(5)The chamber temperature is uniform

(6)More environmental friendly and much safer

  • Product Parameters

Equipment nameDebinder for 3D printing
Equipment modelUP-D220O
Equipment size730mm×870mm×2140mm
Equipment weight~300kg
Technology principleOxalic acid debinding
Efficient size220×220×340mm
Number of plates9
Plate size210×310×2mm
Spacing between plates22.5mm
Chamber temperature100~140℃
Nitrogen flowrate0~50L/min
Acid feed range0~20g/min
Total power6KW
Power supplyAC220V, 1-phase 3-wire

Specification parameters

Product scale